Rabu, 15 Juni 2016

Mafia Battle on Facebook !! Play Now with US

Mafia Battle on Facebook
Play Mafia Battle Now !! Join our family, and be a good gangster or bad gangster with US !! Play it on facebook, or Just Sign Up below !!

Jumat, 10 Juni 2016

Gin Rummy Multiplayer on Facebook

This game is a card game that is often known by the name is Rummy, and the way of playing is the same with playing cards, that we have 7 cards and our job is to arrange with straight flush, royal flush and three of kinds.

The faster you set the cards in the order earlier, chances are you are the winner. We must be able to read the opponent's cards with cards that he saw discard or that he took.


Turn Poker on Facebook
Turn Poker - This game is really similar to the game of poker a neighbor ZY ** !! And this game is my favorite poker games to two, and the first still remains the same and that is Perfect Poker on Facebook.